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Anmeldelse / test af Espresso Unica, Colombia Bucaramanga & Tanzania Machare

Caspar fra Coffee Channel har anmeldt 3 af Øristeriets kaffer: 

Espresso Unica fik denne med på vejen:

"I taste many coffees, both my own blend and roasts, as well as coffees bought and provided to me.
This particularly blend is in my top three of espresso coffees, both single and blends. I am super excited about this coffee, the balance is as mentioned one of the best I have ever had. 
As a standalone espresso, brewed with a ratio at 55% you should get at cup that fills your mouth with big richness. When I hit the sweet spot, I am overwhelmed with deep chocolate, perfect acidity turning to a slight nutty aftertaste with notes of caramel. It's really good. As a matter of fact, I have been drinking a lot more stand alone espresso and Americano than I usually do, since I started this blend. 

As a cappuccino or cortado, it is just powerful enough to kick thru the milk and give a creamy balance with a very nice balance between milk and espresso. 

I can only recommend this blend, both for those of you who drink espresso black and the ones who drink with milk. 


All three coffees cost 35$ a kilo, roasted. I haven’t tried many coffees at such low price which was that satisfying. But I have tried much more expensive that were more disappointing though."


Du kan læse den fulde anmeldelse af vores kaffer her:


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